Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oklahoma Vacation

Mike's boss from Tinker AFB retired from the Air Force last Friday and we went up to wish him well. We drove up Thursday night for a Harley-Davidson/Fishing themed dinner before the retirement ceremony on Friday afternoon. On the way up we stopped at the first Harley-Davidson store of six between SA and OKC and got some shirts so we wouldn't stick out at the dinner. I got a pink tank top and Mike got a black T-shirt with two busty women and a giant Texas flag, of course.

We were able to catch up with the Pierdominicos (who are moving to Germany next week), the Diehls (who are moving to St. Louis soon) and the Hobbses (who live in DC and are expecting Miss Addie Leigh in October). We were all good friends when we were in Oklahoma and it was fun to spend one last weekend all together. They all laughed at Mike's jokes. I didn't only because they are the same jokes I hear all the time at home. I'm glad he had a fresh audience. :)

While in OK, we stayed at the Colcord Hotel downtown. It was VERY NICE! :) We've walked past it a million times and always wondered what it would be like to stay there. We took the opportunity to be tourists in OKC. Lunch on Friday was at Louie's on the Lake. One of our favorite restaurants. The weather was muggy but we sat outside anyway. We had dinner with our friends at Coaches at the ballpark, then found some "FroYo" (frozen yogurt) and ended the evening on the bar boat on the canal. We also took a regular canal boat and we learned a lot of interesting facts about downtown OKC. When I-40 gets moved south, Bricktown is going to be a really fun place to hang out (as if it wasn't already)!

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