Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Week in Review

Uh oh! I let more than a week slip by without updating! Well here's a brief overview of the past week:

I've been volunteering with Spina Bifida Texas since mid-June. I found them by going to and entering my zip code. I saw they needed someone with professional skills so I gave them a ring. Turns out it the organization was pretty much just the executive director, a part-time girl and some hit-or-miss volunteers. So far I've been helping out with some database work and design work 2 days a week.
Last Saturday they held their July Lunch Bunch event. It's designed to teach children with physical disabilities about nutrition and get them active. I decided I should probably attend an actual event so I could better help the organization. It was a lot of fun. We played "Power Soccer" which is essentially soccer in wheelchairs (or walkers) with a very large soccer ball. I got in a sports wheelchair and did my best to keep up with the kids. After that we had turkey dogs and watermelon! Pretty good Saturday!

Job Hunt
Big developments this week! The lady I volunteer for, Nora, has a friend (and board member), Heather, who works at Rackspace, which is an IT company that has a similar company culture to Google. Nora was kind enough to introduce me to Heather over lunch one day and Heather invited both of us to come take a tour of Rackspace. I was elated and this past Thursday was when I got my chance! Nora wasn't able to make it, but Heather showed me around what used to be a shopping mall that Rackspace has turned into their world headquarters. There are "fuel stations" everywhere with free sodas and, since it was lunch time, Mexican food was being carted in for the employees (Rackers) to purchase. Everyone had a giant flag that represented themselves hanging from the rafters. I didn't see any OU flags....I think it's time they got one! ;) So, Heather introduced me to her good friend Larry who happened to work in HR. We had a good chat and what do you know, the next day I got an e-mail asking to schedule a phone interview...for a job
for which they'd already rejected me! Just goes to show, it's all about who you know!!

Swim, Bike, Run
Well, the triathlon is in 2 weeks. I hadn't swam AT ALL this year until this morning (Sunday). Mike and I have been flirting with the idea of joining a local gym (with several locations) called Spectrum. We've been going to a local university's gym, but the pool's been closed for months and we have training to do! We got a weekend pass and this morning we tried out the pool. I was shocked at how well I did after a year off. I really enjoyed it, although I'm sure my technique isn't the best! After that we went on a lovely 15-mile bike ride...with no falls! :) Tomorrow we'll try Spectrum's spin class. I can't wait!

Home Work
We're working on the house less and less each weekend, which is great! I've had time to put our wedding photos into a fun movie sequence and we've got to have more fun together. Last weekend, Mike grouted the backsplash. Lots of cursing involved in that. Yesterday I sealed the grout which took just an hour and a half and wasn't hard at all! Just some caulking, painting and molding to finish and we'll be DONE with the kitchen and on to bigger and, I'm sure, more difficult projects.

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EllenQ said...

Good luck on your triathalon! You are just amazing - in many ways, but swimming, biking, AND running is crazy.