Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Weekend for the Holtzes!

I know we've only been married not 5 months, but let me tell you what love is: Love is saying "ok" when your boyfriend asks you in February if he can sign up for a Half Ironman triathlon that will be held on your birthday!! My family knows that my birthday is quite an affair. This has been contained over the years. After all, once you turn 21, there isn't much to get excited about. But it seems to be spread out over the entire month and there were always a few (or more) parties.

There wasn't a party this year and Mike and I decided a long time ago we weren't into giving gifts. I got lots of lovely cards from friends and family and a few great gifts along the way and my birthday weekend was an absolute blast! We left for Austin on Saturday morning to get Mike checked in and drop off his bike. Let me tell you, these Ironman events are just that: EVENTS! There was staff everywhere and packet pick up consisted of at least 5 different stations. I was in awe. A lot of people, just like Mike, had trained very hard to accomplish this goal. There was definitely an energy at the expo hall!

After Mike got signed in, we met the Qualleys and Mongolian Grill. A favorite of all of ours. After lunch, we headed back to Ashley and Grant's house to get ready for the OU game that night! Grant's brother Duke came over with some ground Bison and we enjoyed Bison burgers along with an OU victory! Mike went to bed early while Ash, Grant and I stayed up to watch the end of the Dallas Stars hockey game and visit some more.

The next morning Mike left early, early while I slept in. It was my birthday after all!! :) Ashley took me to Kerbey Lane Cafe for a birthday breakfast consisting of Pumpkin Pancakes and Migas (mexican breakfast dish consisting of eggs and some other stuff and tortillas!) It was delicious! I even had a birthday mimosa! We talked and talked and talked! We both enjoyed some girl time on a Sunday morning.

By the time we got back, we only had time to run to the nursery with Grant to get some more plants for thier yard before we had to head to the expo hall and cheer on our (half) ironman!!

Mike showed up shortly after 3pm which is when he said we should arrive. (Remember, he started at 8:15!) I decided to go for a high five as he was finishing rather than a picture. Grant had his fancy camera and snapped a few shots as Mike came in. This was good because Mike didn't see my hand until the last minute and he didn't even know it was mine! He couldn't speak
for a good 10-15 min afterwards and even when he could he didn't want to say much!

We returned to the Qualleys' house where Mike showered
and we got packed up. We drove home and grabbed a burger on the way back to the house. I was very hungry and ate mine right away. When I was done, I looked at Mike and there was half a burger just sitting there and Mike was just looking at it, defeated. I'll never understand why the body rejects food after burning so many calories (Mike estimates 5800). He finally got it down and then it was time for bed!

I'm so proud of my husband!!

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