Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day 2011!

Happy (belated) 4th of July! Man, we had a GREAT 4th of July weekend! Mom came into town since we couldn't make the trip to DC since I had to be in Oklahoma soon after (more on that in what will likely be the next post). After a 6-hour delay, Mom finally got in shortly after 9pm. We whisked her away to her condo and made plans to meet for breakfast and Farmer's Marketing on Saturday!

When Mom and I went to pick up Ellie to go to the market, we both had a good chuckle since Ellie was wearing the same dress that I was wearing! :) 
Farmer's Market Twins!!
We got some great stuff at the market like fresh sourdough bread, watermelon, cantaloupe and, of course, iced coffee! :) Every time I go to the Pearl Farmer's Market I get so excited about how much it has grown!! YAY! 

I requested that Mike grill out so Mom, Mike and myself each enjoyed one of the best steaks we've eaten (way to go, Mike!) and Mike fell back in love with grilling. He decided he wanted to try pizzas the next night after finding a Grilling magazine at Central Market.

Wow...WOW! Those pizza were fantastic! We had one with a red sauce, veggies and chicken; one with my homemade basil pesto, veggies and chicken and a barbeque chicken pizza.
Pizzas on the grill!
Then, for dessert, we were inspired by a S'mores pizza we'd had at a local pizzeria! SO GOOD! Mike, I hope you're ready to grill more pizza cuz you're wife is lovin' it!!
 On the 4th of July, Mike went to the grocery store early to beat the crowds and select the perfect meat to prepare "Boston Butt" with Mr. Bo's secret BBQ sauce! Mom and I decided to do a little shopping. That afternoon, Ellie brought over some sugar cookies so we could help her decorate them for the 4th of July. There were quite a few as she was planning on sending some to her and Geoff's dads as a belated Father's Day gift.
We're ready to decorate!

Mike carefully decorates a 4th of July cookie!

Mom helps, too!
They turned out great!
Once Geoff and Mike's friend John came over, Mike had to start grilling, a much more "manly" activity! 
The Boston Butt was a huge success! Due to the severe drought in Texas, there were no fireworks in San Antonio, however we all decided that the PBS broadcast of the show at the DC Mall was a pretty good 2nd. Especially since we could stay in the air conditioning and away from the mosquitoes!


EllenQ said...

Have you ever noticed how "grilling" mosting involves sitting around drinking beer and requires at least two men to do it?

Angela Noelle said...

Ummm... I want that s'mores pizza in my mouth immediately. We are definitely putting that on our summer meal list!