Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet the Newest Holtzes!

Nope, we're not pregnant and we didn't adopt, but our family has grown! :)

Mike spent a couple weekends turning one of our old kitchen cabinets into this:
The Fowlamo
Yes, that is a chicken coop. Shaped like the Alamo. You might call it the Fowlamo. 

A guy that Mike works with lives on some land and has horses and chickens. He was looking to get rid of 3 of his chickens and we just so happened to be looking for 3 tenants for our chicken coop (3 is the max you can have in the city). Mike's friend brought them over along with a generous amount of hay and chicken feed. 

Here are our lovely ladies:

The red one is named Gumbo, one black on is Ana (after Santa Ana), and the other black on is named Omelet. Here's a close up:
Gumbo and Ana enjoying their enclosed area
We're raising them mainly for eggs and entertainment. So far we've been getting about 2 eggs a day. Here's what they look like:
Gumbo and Ana laid eggs right away after we got them. Omelet took a little longer to feel comfortable producing. Her eggs are speckled (2nd from the back on the right side) and they are my favorite. She is my favorite. The other two kinda push her around and I feel bad for her. 

The cat enjoys watching the chickens through the window. I guess they can see her, too. One time she ran to the window to watch them and it spooked them and they ran away! Most of the time she sits and "chatters" at them like this:

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