Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Holtz-oween!

Happy Halloween!

We had an awesome Halloween weekend! A cold front came through Thursday evening and cooled the temperatures down appropriately, so it really did feel like Halloween. Friday night Ellie, Mike and I ran an 8K (~5 miles) at a nearby park, the Dia de los Muertos run! 

Since we were running in the dark, we had to have a head lamp or flashlight. It wasn't scary, but we definitely had to think a little bit harder than when running during the day. For me, that took my mind off running and the 5 miles went by very fast! Afterwards, Ellie, Geoff, Mike and I had some delicious Vietnamese food!

Saturday was spent carving pumpkins. Rhonda, Geoff and Ellie came over and we all carved pumpkins on our new screened in patio! It was perfect pumpkin carving weather!
Geoff, Ellie and Rhonda prepping the pumpkins!
Mike used his new pumpkin dremel tool:
Finished products:
Rhonda's "Two Face"
My cat design. Simple, yet festive.
That night, Mike and I went to the General's house for a Halloween party. The food was really good and the decorations were probably the best I've seen without it being a legitimate haunted house theme. I mean, the ribs were served out of a skeleton! I went as a crazy cat lady and Mike went as Captain America!
I also had a mug that said "All lives should have 9 cats!"
That shield is duct taped to a liter beer mug! Muli-purpose!

Here's Mike's and my pumpkins at night:
LSU will be playing Alabama this Saturday. VERY big game!

What has now become a tradition at our house! Eye of the Tiger fleur de lis!

Again, simple, yet festive!
We had a lot of kids trick-or-treating and ran out of candy around 7:45! I really thought we had enough this time! Oh well, it's always fun to see the kiddos in their fun costumes. One kid said "This was the best house, too" to his dad as he was walking away and another said "You guys have awesome pumpkins!" so I'll put it down as a success!

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