Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Road Trip to Wichita

I always enjoy going up to Wichita to see family and friends, especially around the holidays...

...but this may have been the first time I was truly sad to leave.

Mike, Ellie, Geoff, Rhonda and I all piled into Rhonda's van early Wendesday morning. We drove up I-35 and dropped Ellie and Geoff off with Ellie's aunt in OKC and then got into Wichita at about 7:30. Of course, the first stop was Il Vicino for some DELICIOUS wood oven pizza!

Thursday morning, Mom, Rhonda, Mike and I put on our running/walking shoes and went out to the GraceMed 1st Annual Say Grace 5K.
Before the race, at the starting line.
Mike and I both did really well (for us) and Mom and Rhonda successfully completed their first 5K!
YAY Mom! Good job! When's your next race?!
After getting cleaned up, we went to Dad's house for Thanksgiving lunch. Grandma Farney was also in attendance.
We picked up a pre-cooked meal from Dillons. I think this is how Mom was meant to cook Thanksgiving dinner:
Two microwaves, one glass of wine and an evil grin.
Mike carved the turkey. This is turning into his traditional role at our Thanksgivings.
We had a very nice meal where we discussed current events as well as past Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations in our family.
At Dad's house, even the kitties get Thanksgiving dinner...
Then, of course, there was the customary post-meal nap...
After lunch at Dad's we went to my Aunt Marlene's to see more family. That evening we went to see Tower Heist at the Old Town Warren. It was a good movie to see with the fam on Thanksgiving.

Friday was Mike's birthday. Also, LSU was playing Arkansas, so we all went to the River City Brewing Co. for lunch and Mom, Dad and Rhonda left Mike and I there to finish watching the game. LSU won!
That night we celebrated Mike and Rhonda's birthday...
This was actually the 2nd time they got candles. 
And we had a gift exchange and some more leftovers.
Uncle Terry even made it back from Colorado!
On Saturday we had a 2nd (3rd?) Thanksgiving celebration at Aunt Marlene's and got to see some more family. That night was my 10-year high school reunion. It was so great to see old friends again and catch up!
Although I was sad to leave, I realized that when we got home it was time to put up the Christmas tree and other decorations and I was excited again! I hope everyone had an equally fun Thanksgiving! It was so great to see everyone on our trip! Stay tuned to hear about our trip to Louisiana for Christmas!

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